Castles In Pembrokeshire

Castles in Pembrokeshire

Pembroke Castle across water Pembrokeshire

Pembroke Castle across water Pembrokeshire


You’re spoilt for choice for Castles in Pembrokeshire,  but start with Pembroke Castle-birth place of Henry VII, the start of the Tudor Dynasty. Walk your footsteps over the same floor that he walked over, see the room he was born in and enjoy all the tales over it’s history when you take a guided tour.

So many castles in Pembrokeshire to choose from

There are many Castles in Pembrokeshire and we are lucky to have such a wealth of them, many have survived the ravages of time and have some great stories to tell.

I would always advise taking a guided tour should you have the option, as this always brings history alive and fires up your own imagination whilst you are walking on ground that has been walked on by many hundreds of people over the ages.


Here are just a few of the castles in Pembrokeshire!

One of the finest Castles in Pembrokeshire-Pembroke Castle

Pembroke Castle

Birthplace of Henry VII, the founder of the Tudor Dynasty, King  Henry VIII and his many wives being the most well known, I’d say-followed by his daughter, Queen Elizabeth I.

If you are a novel reader, then I am sure you are acquainted with the historical novelist Philippa Gregory, who has written countless books on the subjects over time, many of which you can find in our small library here, which you may borrow whilst on your stay.

One of the best surviving and probably largest castle in Pembrokeshire, there is a nice café for a coffee on site or take a walk up Pembroke Main Street to Food at Williams for some really lovely homemade fayre.

Pembroke Castle:


Carew Castle

Carew Castle Pembrokeshire

Carew Castle Pembrokeshire

As far as castles in Pembrokeshire go, the history of this castle spans over 2000 years, it is a Tidal Castle, built on a low hill, beside a navigable river, which made this popular back as far as the Iron Age.

The Normans cam to Pembrokeshire in the 11th century and set about ‘subduing’ the locals. Gerald de Windsor, the King of England’s official representative built his own castle and married local beauty, Princess Nest, daughter of Rhys ap Tewdwr, the last Celtic King. The tale goes that Gerald escaped down his toilet shaft (yuck!) when the Welsh Prince, Owain, ambushed the castle and captured Princess Nest (who was, it seems, a willing victim!).

Many more stories about the castle can be heard on a guided tour.

Pop across the road to the Carew Inn for a light lunch before proceeding further.


Manorbier Castle

Manorbier Castle Pembrokeshire

Manorbier Castle Pembrokeshire

The Castle by the Beach-this has a splendid setting overlooking the beautiful unspoilt beach of Manorbier, and is another of the great castles in Pembrokeshire.  There are activities here throughout the season, so do check out their website for more information.

There is a café onsite, which offers locally made cakes, fresh sandwiches and homemade soup, all in these stunning surroundings. If you’re lucky you may even see a wedding taking place.



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