Cleddau River

Explore the Cleddau River

Cleddau River

Cleddau River


Don’t miss an opportunity to go both up & down the Cleddau river on this varied waterway. Go up river and enjoy nature, bird watching and calm, go down river towards St Ann’s head and the ocean to visit Skomer Island and see all the Napoleonic forts & look outs scattered all along the coastline and enjoy the stories of the history that stretch through time

Take a Boat Cruise

Cleddau River Boat Trip

Cleddau River Boat Trip

Just a few steps away from the Marina apartment you can pick up a Boat cruise on the Milford Haven Waterway, they usually do two cruises, one up the river for nature and bird spotting and the stories of the upper reaches of the Cleddau river and the other going down river and out past the tanker jetties towards St Anns Head.

Here you’ll go out to the Atlantic ocean and turn the corner around the peninsular towards Skomer island and the puffins (if it’s the season for them).

On your way, keep a look out for all the Palmerston forts and look outs scattered along both sides of the river and enjoy the tales over the history of the river.

You’ll pass Thorn Island, where a large shipment of whisky was lost on a ships demise in 1894. Pembrokeshire’s very own ‘whisky galore’.

On the way here you will pass the most dramatically situated fort-Stack Rock Fort. Built on a small island in the middle of the Milford Waterway, it was a fixed gun deck housing three 32 pounder guns plus other armaments.

Many years ago in 1932 it was sold for £160 and when it was sold again in 2005 this figure had risen to £150,000. If you have around £250,000 today, it could be yours as it is currently for sale.



Whichever boat trip you choose always bring some binoculars, to get the most of the view.

Milford Marina

Also from Milford Marina, you can charter a fishing boat and enjoy some sea fishing or just some mackerel lining at a place called the ‘lamp post’ just at St Ann’s head.

Known as a rich supply area for mackerel, you could then be cooking your own catch that evening in the apartment.


‘loved seeing all the birds on the up-river cruise’ Julie, Somerset

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