Entry Information

You will be given the code for the gates just a day before you arrive, so that you can enter here.

No. 28 Smoke House Quay Milford Marina, Milford Haven SA73 3BD

Instructions for entry Gated secure parking

The code for the gate is XXXXX the gates will then open.

As you enter the carpark, your space is located in the first block of parking on your right, you are the 2nd space in-there is a tile indicating NO 28. You are more or less infront of a glass fire exit door.

There is ample extra parking marked ‘Visitors” should you have more than one car. Entrance to Apartment block Your apartment is No. 28-it is the right hand side block as you are facing the sea.

The code to enter the main front door is,  ‘’XXXXX”.

You will hear the door click open. Or you can use your apartment key to unlock the door manually. The lift is just inside the door-take this to Floor 1 and once you are on the landing No. 28 is towards the end of the corridor

No.28- 1st Floor

Entry to NO 28

The key to the apartment is in the key box located by the front door. The code to enter into the key box is ‘XXXX’ then press hard on the small black lever-this will release the locked box.

Please use the key to open the door and then replace the key back inside the box, and scramble the combination. This way you will never run the risk of losing the front door key (which are very expensive to replace-£150 charge to your card). The door is locked on the top lock only for you, and as you enter, on the sideboard in the hall,  you will find instructions for heating, hot water etc ! ! ! !