Freshwater West, Dobby’s Grave & Robin Hood

Freshwater West


Freshwater West Beach-here, Wizzards and muggles have paid their respects at the grave of Dobby, the house-elf from Harry Potter. Freshwater West was the home of the film set for the Deathly Hallows in 2009. It was also the back drop of Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood Hollywood blockbuster, also followed by the film, Their Finest in 2015. Almost a mile long, Freshwater West is flanked by sand dunes and is a hugely popular beach for surfing

Get your Lobster Roll here


Home to the famous Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company with their award winning street food served from their ‘boat’ Café Mor, on Freshwater West Beach car park-their lobster rolls are the only reason needed for a visit! Have a piece of their ginger cake made with their own Barti Ddu Rum too! Marvellous to accompany a cup of tea whilst gazing out over the ocean and the ripping waves.

Freshwater West, being over a mile of sandy beach, losing most of the beach at high tide, it has VERY strong currents and rip tides, and is only for strong swimmers. You’ll see it full of surfers when the surf is up and can spend many hours watching them from the safety of dry land.

Dobby’s Resting Place

Head into the sand dunes to pay your respects to Dobby and then head in the other direction to the seaweed drying shed up on the hill.

Unfortunately, Shell House from the Harry Potter film is no longer there but you’ll find the seaweed drying hut interesting enough in its’ place.

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