Our Favourite Places to Eat

Places to Eat

Hmmmm……where to start with where to tell you to go to eat!

There are quite a few places to eat on Milford Marina, enough for one a day without you having to drive anywhere, so that’s got to be a good start. So, only a few paces away, you’ve got great choices!


And, luckily, they are all pretty good!

However, don’t forget that we can arrange a gorgeous Sharing Supper PLatter with Wine for your arrival night-so do try that…a brilliant way to relax into your suroundings on your first evening and also allows you to really enjoy the views of the waterway and watch the comings & goings of the marina!

Sharing Supper Platter

Sharing Supper Platter






No matter where you want to eat…book your table.

Pembrokeshire is a foody hotspot and the best places fill up fast-don’t expect to find a table as a walk-in.

Some are just changing hands and so, coupled with the lockdown,  I haven’t eaten in these under the new management/chefs as yet-these are, Foam, Cocos and The Lounge….I would imaiine they will be good though as there is a high standard on Milford Marina, and it is know as a Foody destination, so they will have to be at their game!

As soon as I get round to eating in these places-I’ll update this! I like to make sure before I recommend!


I can recommend Marthas Vineyard, run by Dan Mills-I have had consistently good food here-a great atmosphere, good local beers, gins & ciders and great food. I’m partial to a lasagne, and you’ll get a good one here!

If you like Pizza then you must check out Impasto, fresh, traditional recipe Pizzas cooked by a heritage Italian chef.

The Harboumaster does some great homemade desserts and you can have an unrivaled view over the waterway from their terrace

As I said, you’ve then got Foam, Cocos & the Lounge. There’s currently a fine dining restaurant being created, not yet open

If you’re after an Indian, then up on Charles Street you can satisfy that desire. If you want to walk here, take the Nelson Steps from teh Marina up onto Hamilton Terrace-right across from the steps, you’ll see a lane way-go up here and then you’re on Charles Street-just here opposite and to your right you’ll find the Indian, it’s opposite the Astoria, to help you find your bearings!

A chinese can come in the form of a ‘take-away’ from the Water Gardens on the Rath-you can walk here easily from No 28

And, of course, I’m not mentioning at all the cafes on the Marina, they’re for you to explore during the daytime.

Going a little further afield:

Little Haven

All good here- St Brides Inn, The Castle, The Swan

Broad Haven

The Ocean Bar & Restaurant


The Druidstone Hotel-great for vegan and the most photographed door way onto a beach ever!


The Griffin-multi award winning, fantastic fresh fish selection and a mean Lasagne

I could go on, but these are enough to keep you occupied for now-if you want more suggestions then just let me know!

‘We love trying a new place each night…so great to just walk back and then enjoy a wwine on the balcony’ Mike, Shrewbury

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Jayne Hancock

Jayne Hancock

Jayne, owner of NO 28 Smokehouse Quay & Fields Lodge Boutique Bed & Breakfast

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