Pembrokeshire Beaches

Pembrokeshire Beaches

Pembrokeshire Beaches-what are the best 5 beaches?? What a question to answer, if you asked 10 people, you’d have 10 different answers. There are over 50 beaches on the Pembrokeshire Coast and I’ve been to most, I think there’s still one or two that I’m yet to visit. You tend to get your favourites and then stick to them!

Well, here are my five with my own personal reasons for choosing them:

Broad Haven

pembrokeshire Beach Broad Haven

Broad Haven Castles


A fBroad Havenavourite of mine since I was a child when my parents had 2 caravans on Motts Caravan site, which were let out and when they weren’t, we would use them. The beach has a fab rock formation on the right as you look at the sea, we used to call it ‘Lion Rock’, as that’s what it looks like-infact it looks like a Sphinx from Egypt. The beach is vast and sandy when the tide is out, if on occasions a little windy and just opposite the beach you can choose from cafes, restaurants and chip shops (that also sell ice cream) to satisfy any craving you may have. There is a small shop there selling newspapers, so there’s not much you can’t get when you’re in Broad Haven. When the tide is right out you can walk right round to Little Haven. Dogs are allowed on a portion of the beach, by the slip, but not allowed on the far right. There are 2 streams that feed into the sea and it’s great sand for sandcastles!

Sandy Haven

Pembrokeshire Beach Sandy Haven

Sandy Haven

The nearest Sandy beach only a short drive away at Herbrandston, where our B&B, Fields Lodge is based-please read my blog dedicated to why I love Sandy Haven so much. Click here to read more about Sandy Haven

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones at Sandy Haven







This appears in nearly every ‘Beach’ top 5s.. it is a truly ‘beautiful’ beach, white sand, clear blue sea, some sand duWinter - Barafundlenes and barafundle bayis just heavenly. There is a bit of a walk to it, so I wouldn’t carry too much if I were you-always fine getting there but walking back up all those steps after a hard days beach, with tonnes of stuff, is no fun!




Pembrokeshire Beach Marloes

Marloes Beach

The backdrop to many Pembrokeshire Beach shots and the stage for the Hollywood film ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’…it is a great geological beach, great rock pools and oodles of sand when the tide is out. Again, a bit of a walk to it but there’s normally an ice cream van at the top for a real treat when you’ve come back up.

St Brides


Pembrokeshire Beach St Brides

St Brides


Another famous Pembrokeshire ‘scene’, this is a great beach for a BBQ and for some clear water for snorkelling or scuba diving. In fact you can entertain yourself all day watching the comings and goings of all the divers, kayakers and walkers that pass this way. The coast path is interesting in both direction if you’d like to have a bit of a stroll and there’s a church that you can visit for some culture. The tide comes right into the bay so it’s great for swimming as you don’t have to walk too far.


So, that’s my five, but if you ask me again in a few months, I’ll probably give you another few!

For more information on Pembrokeshire’s Beaches click here

Jayne Hancock

Jayne Hancock

Jayne, Owner of NO 28, Smokehouse Quay and Fields Lodge Boutique B&B


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