Our Favourite Places to Eat

Eating Out Pembrokeshire
Places to Eat Hmmmm……where to start with where to tell you to go to eat! There are quite a few places to eat on Milford Marina, enough for one a day without you having to drive anywhere, so that’s got to be a good start. So, only a few paces away, you’ve got gr
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Pembrokeshire Beaches

Freshwater West
Pembrokeshire Beaches Pembrokeshire Beaches-what are the best 5 beaches?? What a question to answer, if you asked 10 people, you’d have 10 different answers. There are over 50 beaches on the Pembrokeshire Coast and I’ve been to most, I think there’s still one or two
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What about the Welsh Weather?

Welsh Weather
Isn’t it always raining in Wales? Well, the short answer is no! I used to think this too actually about our Welsh Weather, that was until I got into the hospitality industry, what a surprise I had then, once I started taking more notice!
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Activities with Kids in Pembrokeshire

Milford Museum
What to do with Kids in Pembrokeshire? Pembrokeshire is a great place for kids to holiday. And I mean kids, both young & old! The beaches-more than enough beaches for every type of activity. Right on your doorstep is Milford Beach, great for a walk and some rock pool exploration a
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Cleddau River

Cleddau River Boat Trip
Explore the Cleddau River   Don’t miss an opportunity to go both up & down the Cleddau river on this varied waterway. Go up river and enjoy nature, bird watching and calm, go down river towards St Ann’s head and the ocean to visit Skomer Island and see all the Napoleonic fort
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Freshwater West, Dobby’s Grave & Robin Hood

Freshwater West
Freshwater West   Freshwater West Beach-here, Wizzards and muggles have paid their respects at the grave of Dobby, the house-elf from Harry Potter. Freshwater West was the home of the film set for the Deathly Hallows in 2009. It was also the back drop of Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood
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Stackpole Estate

Bosherston Lily ponds at Stackpole Estate
The Stackpole Estate Stackpole Estate encompasses Stackpole, the iconic 8 arch bridge,  Bosherston Lilly Ponds, Stackpole Walled Gardens, Barafundle Bay Beach, Broad Haven South Beach, Stackpole Quay, this is a must for a day’s explore.
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Castles In Pembrokeshire

Pembroke Castle in Pembrokeshire
Castles in Pembrokeshire   You’re spoilt for choice for Castles in Pembrokeshire,  but start with Pembroke Castle-birth place of Henry VII, the start of the Tudor Dynasty. Walk your footsteps over the same floor that he walked over, see the room he was born in and enjoy all the t
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Preseli Mountains and Stonehenge

Preseli Mountains
Preseli Mountains   You can’t miss the chance to visit the place of origin of Stonehenge stones. Take a walk up the highest *mountain* and enjoy the 360 views across Pembrokeshire at Foel Eryr and just marvel at how they could have moved those gigantic stones all the way from Pem
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Grassholm Island and the Gannets

Gannets on Grassholm Island
Grassholm Island   Take a boat trip from Martins Haven out to Grassholm Island, the home of one of the largest colony of Gannets, as you approach, the island is white from guano (gannet poo!) and you will smell the ammonia from the island as you approach. You’ll be treated to a d
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