What about the Welsh Weather?

Isn’t it always raining in Wales?

Well, the short answer is no!

I used to think this too actually about our Welsh Weather, that was until I got into the hospitality industry, what a surprise I had then, once I started taking more notice!

What I found then, was that I paid more attention to the rain, and WHEN it was raining.

And, what I found was, that it is a very rare day when we have rain all day.

Old Wives’ Tales

To quote an old wives tale…..’Rain before 7, gone by 11’ and I have found that to be in the main correct. And I am prized by my guests as a fortune teller of the weather, due to this little bit of knowledge.

If we are forecast rain in the afternoon, then the morning will be dry, so usually, you only have to find a ‘rainy day’ activity for a half a day if you’re visiting.

Famous Billy Connelly Words

As Billy Connolly said…’there’s no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothes’ and that is so true. To be sensible, if you’re coming to Wales, particularly in the winter months, then do make sure you pack your self some appropriate wet weather gear, a good rain jacket and some foot wear that will stand up to rain.

Here’s me, coming to you from our sister accommodation, Fields Lodge Boutique Bed & Breakfast:

There is nothing nicer than a walk along a beach in the rain, providing you can keep yourself dry. It’s a real ‘awakening’ walk and so good to be out there with the elements. No wonder there are such people as ‘storm chasers’—I do get the attraction.

So, don’t let the thought of a bit of rain stop you coming to Wales for your break. Pack a raincoat and some boots and come see how much you can enjoy it.

And, if you do want to stay inside away from the rain and the Welsh Weather, then I can give you plenty of great places to visit, or, you could always cosy up in your fabulous lounge and watch a good film on the TV or just sit in the bay windows with a good book and watch the rain over the Milford Haven Waterway.

Really, I do just love being in No 28 on a rainy day, just as much as a nice sunny one!

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Jayne Hancock

Jayne Hancock

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